Ministry Team

Pastor Brandon Baber 

Lead Pastor

Pastor Brandon is a servant of Christ. Brandon uses Scripture to reveal God’s truths for daily application. His desire is to see people have a personal relationship with Christ, to be discipled, and to get plugged into a ministry. He is lead pastor, husband, and father of three children.





         Matt and Danielle Mouser                      Associate Pastor                                          Matt and Danielle are a huge blessing to King of Kings Church as they serve in many ministries. Matt serves as Associate Pastor. Together Matt and Danielle serve in the music and youth ministries. Their desire is to see students of all ages grow in their relationship with Christ.
               Bart and Lauren Hogge                                Deacon/Officer                          Bart and Lauren have served at King of Kings for many years. Bart takes his passion for Christ with him in his daily service in the church, whether helping to make building and grounds improvements, greeting others, or playing with our worship team. Lauren faithfully serves in our children’s ministries.














          Danial Creasy                       Deacon/Youth Leader                  Danial has a passion for serving Christ. He has chosen to dedicate his life to serving Christ by serving others. Danial and Brandi serve in many capacities at King of Kings and have a passion for reaching the lost. Danial is a wonderful addition to the King of Kings leadership team.
                Sonny and Pat Short                                      Officer                            Sonny has been active in church ministry for decades. Growing up in the home of a pastor he learned the value of church ministry at a very early age. Sonny serves in the role of church officer and helps to advise financial direction. Sonny also lends his musical gifts to the worship team weekly. You will not mistake Sonny’s voice or smile for another.















              Donna Gaudet                             Treasurer           Donna uses many of her spiritual gifts at King of Kings. Not only does Donna provide watch care over our church finances, she also has a smile that goes the mile. She enjoys taking time to welcome as many people to church as she can. Donna says that she attends a wonderful church and wants others to feel the same way. Donna also lends her gifts to our 55 and over ministry.