Chris and Megan Davenport

Chris and Megan Davenport are going as team members with church planters Carl and Cynthia Spruill to plant a Free Will Baptist church in Kaneohe, Hawaii. This will be the second FWB church on the island.  The first Free Will Baptist church was planted in Waipahu in 1959 by Luther Sanders. These areas are a part of the island of Oahu. Chris graduated from Welch College with a bachelor’s degree in missions. The percentage of professing Christians on the island is very low. Kaneohe is growing and is the home of MCB Hawaii Marine Corps Base.

Bruce Barnes

Bruce Barnes serves as the Promotional Director for the Virginia Association of Free Will Baptist. Dr. Barnes provides educational opportunities, pastoral support, church event promotion, and pulpit supply for the churches in the state of Virginia. Dr. Barnes is a wonderful resource for pastors who seek guidance in taking the next step of growing their church.


Harvest Childcare Ministries (Virginia/Mexico)

Harvest is a non-profit child care agency, licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services. In addition, Harvest is affiliated with the Free Will Baptists and the Virginia Association of Children’s Homes. The home officially opened its doors in August 1993 with the intent to care for children who were victims of abuse and neglect. Since that time, the home has served over 1200 children from Virginia with tremendous success.

Harvest Child Care Ministries operates an orphanage in Tuxtepec , Oaxaca , Mexico . The orphanage is located on five acres of property on the edge of town. This home serves sixteen boys and sixteen girls between the ages of six and fifteen

Hemant and Becki Patel


Hemant and his wife Becky serve in Agra, India along with their children. Hemant has planted two churches with attendance well over 300 combined. He has also be actively training up preachers to help win the people of India. Mr. Patel has helped to send Indian missionaries to Africa. When he and his wife are not in India, Hemant teaches courses at Southeastern FWB College.





Christian Law Association

The ChDr. David C. Gibbs, Jr.ristian Law Association is a “ministry of legal helps.” Its purpose is to provide free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing legal difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition of one form or another.






Southeastern Free Will Baptist College


Southeastern has existed since 1983 proudly training men and women for the ministry of Jesus Christ. Students at our college find themselves challenged by God’s Word in the classroom and chapel messages provided by our Godly staff

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